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Travel to the "llell"!

What will you see?

What will
you see?

A cosmic playground of unparalleled wonders. Terra3 is the first planet you encounter within a constantly expanding, photorealistic metaverse. Parallell is a cinematic gaming and travel experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy by combining earth-based locations (digital twins) and mystical parallell dimensions.

New NFT marketplace coming soon

We will recently unveil our brand new NFT marketplace, and excite the community. This marketplace is not only a place to trade digital assets, but also a platform that enhances the entire ecosystem of Terra3 and beyond. What makes this NFT marketplace special is the integration with the game world. Imagine you can find a rare artifact in Terra3 and then sell it on the marketplace for real money. Or maybe you want to buy a piece of land in the digital world? Soon that will be possible! Another highlight is the ability to use NFTs as proof of certain achievements in the game. These NFTs can not only be traded, but also unlock special accesses or abilities in the game world.'s NFT marketplace is more than just a trading platform. It is an integral part of the Metaverse.

Are you ready for Terra3?

Welcome to your journey into the Parallell Metaverse! We present an interactive map that will expand your imagination and guide you through unexplored corners of the planet Terra3. Many rewards await you in the Chain, which are a mixture of virtual elements and real items. The digital creation combines earthly and mystical dimensions that are waiting for your exploration. On the map of Terra3, the unknown meets the familiar. Here you'll be able to discover the magical mineral Noza, while encountering new life forms and familiar civilizations. As a citizen of Parallell, you will shape and influence the map yourself and connect with communities. Your efforts will be rewarded through our virtual marketplace. So get ready for Terra3 soon.

Who’s along for the intergalactic ride?

A trinity of tribes form the portal-hopping inhabitants of the Parallell Metaverse. A misfit squad of human and animal (mammal), alien and robot species use their unique abilities to discover and mine a supernatural mineral with magical powers, called Noza. Their continuous search for Noza leads them to new life and ancient civilizations as they explore the galactic corners of the Parallell Metaverse.

What will you experience?

Citizens of Parallell will play, earn, build, create and come together as community. How you chill on the (block)chain is up to you! Influence the expansion of the Metaverse and earn rewards and revenue through a bustling virtual marketplace. Earn virtually to extract real value for your effort and ingenuity.

Express yourself. A DAO for each world will be represented in a Council that is unique and customized to the mythology of each world.

Basing Parallell in a digital twin of the real world with fantasy elements brings the best of physical and virtual reality into a dynamic, ever-evolving duo. Take your pick of a variety of activities from the peaceful to the audacious: an equestrian

Why the LLell?

You ask great questions!

The Parallell Metaverse incorporates state of the art blockchain, realtime graphics, multiplayer video game capabilities and decentralized financial technologies. And a proprietary cinema-quality technology is a unique advantage on this intergalactic block.
Enter the astonishing future of entertainment, travel, finance,
and gaming—the Parallell Metaverse.


  • Parallell Established
    • Signed land partnership with Cero Tusa
    • Signed island partnership with Vladi Private Islands
    • Signed partnership with South-East Asia Islands & Resorts
    • Signed with Surreal for metaverse rendering
    • Initiated talks with gaming and online communities
  • Parallell Ecosystem
    • Conceptualized ecosystem economies with gamification and Parallell NFT tribes
    • First concept of digital twin for Cero Tusa Resorts
    • Selection of the first 3 islands from Vladi to build digital twins
  • Parallell Initiation
    • Build out of the first digital world in Parallell metaverse
    • R&D for interoperability between different virtual worlds and the ability to transfer skins
  • Parallell Exploration
    • 3D environment and characters modeling
    • VFX and animation
    • Technical demo
    • Launch Parallell's Digital Passport NFTs
    • Launch Parallell NFT Marketplace
  • Parallell Pilot
    • 3D modeling of entire Cerro Tusa and Utopium
    • Focus group for feedback on Gameplay, Story, and Visuals
    • Release of Utopium Map & NFT Parcel Drop
  • Parallell Production
    • After feedback, development on the production ready metaverse begins
    • Integrate the metaverse and gameplay to the cloud together with our data center partners
    • The hosting and blockchain components will be tested
    • Release of Terra3 first digital twin (Cerro-Tusa) map
    • Listing public district parcels for sale
  • Parallell Live
    • Releasing Parallell's first demo experience
    • Offering branding districts land to strategic partnerships
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