How To Play

Players need Digital Passport NFTs to enter and travel between the first two playable worlds in the Parallell metaverse. Digital Passports allow players to choose an Avatar NFT enabling players to create a portfolio of Avatars they can play with. Digital Passport NFTs have one to three avatar slots that players can collect, depending on the tier of the digital passport they own.

Digital Passport also allow holders to stake the Parallell native token LLELL for various APY rewards. the higher the tier of the Digital Passport the higher the return.

Terra 3 - Earth’s Digital Twin

The tallest natural pyramid in the world, as well as a plethora of fauna, unusual vegetation, and towering treetops, can be found at Cerro Tusa. Lush environments, ancient cultural sites and jungle animals can alk be found and discovered. A mystical fusion of local legend, luxury resort living, and tropical adventures awaits players at Cerro Tusa.

You've arrived in a parallell dimension's digital twin of Earth. Gamifying reality, building communities and exploring the frontier are some of the adventures for players to discover.

Utopium - Orbiting Space Station

The floating paradise known as Utopium is located at the farthest reaches of the Parallell galaxy and sets a new standard in extreme opulence. The station has 5 different districts, 5 vivacious themes and countless methods to indulge in play, commerce and social communication.

In Utopium, top racers from around the many worlds compete in the first multi-branded racetrack in the metaverse. The most exclusive luxury experiences from Rodeo Drive to Paris Fashion Week can now be accessible in the metaverse. Esports hotels host the top locations where gaming is a way of life rather than just a pastime. Can't make it in person to HyperXArena Las Vegas? You can play the games and buy the products inside Utopium.